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"I can't believe how much I didn't know but thought I did. Thanks so much for all the very clearly delivered information!" Sarah Small, photographer

"The overwhelming suddenly seems attainable - Thanks!"

Anna Marra, artist/interior designer

"Just wanted to thank you again for the class. My tech-phobia is measurably down, thanks to your level-headed and straight forward approach to learning digital workflow!"

Teri Bloom, photographer

"I enjoyed this class enormously. The info is so clear and logical, Maria is so patient and knowledgeable - fantastic class." Mara Kurtz, graphic designer/educator

"I never imagined that learning a computer software program would be so interesting and fun! Your classes are clear and understandable. Thank you for demystifying Photoshop!" Helen Selsdon, archivist

"Maria makes the class enjoyable and she's a very knowledgeable instructor. I recommend this class to everyone!" Alyse Lorber, marketing/advertising

"Maria is the best Photoshop instructor I have had in 13 years of Photoshop classes. Her techniques are easy to understand. Each class is jammed packed with all of the information you need to know to enhance any image whether you shoot still life or people." Liz Steger, photographer

"I have taken many classes over the years and this was hands down, one of the best! Thank you!" Caroline Golden, artist

"This class is the missing link for those who have been looking for an affordable way to learn a reliable, flexible & efficient method for working in Photoshop."

Fay Torresyap, photo editor

"WOW, you have taken the mystery of Photoshop away. This class was easy to follow - great lessons and handouts, thank you." Angel Franco, photographer, NY Times

"Come to class prepared to learn! Maria provides loads of practical information minus the unnecessary fluff that you'll encounter in other classes. The knowledge that I gained from her has helped me to improve my workflow and make better use of my computer time."  Robbie Bailey, photographer

"This class was fantastic! I learned a lot more than I thought I could." Katya Fialkova, artist

"Great information! loved the size of the class, very small and intimate...loved how the class was broken down." Paulette Barba, publisist

"Maria is concise, clear, de-mystifying and PASSIONATE!"

Sandra Seymour, production artist

"All the photoshop books in the world and I've read most of them, can’t explain it as well as Maria does in her course. Her presentation style is terrific and she takes the time to answer all your questions. Stop wasting time, throw away the books, take Maria Ferrari's Photoshop Class." Ben Asen, photographer

"After years of watching, and having the same things explained over and over again, I still didn’t get it. After spending a couple of hours with Maria, it all started to make sense. Maria breaks it all down into very simple, easy to understand steps. She is absolutely invaluable." Carl Zapp, photographer

"This was one of the best classes I have ever taken! I learned so much here and am anxious to try it all!" Pat Bianculli, musician

"We have found the class indispensable to our success in using Photoshop. Maria is a gifted teacher that is able to make complicated subjects easier to grasp."

Helen Pine, photographer

"There were no questions too hard, no questions too silly to be answered seriously. I had a totally fantastic learning experience and have put the lessons to use."

Chuck Pine, photographer

"This class is brilliant! I learned how to really use layers and masks, levels and curves properly. So now I have know-how & confidence. Thank you, thank you!"

Tina Rupp, photographer

"I can't believe how much I learned. If I had done this sooner, I could have saved myself innumerable hours of Photoshop frustration." Joan Levinson, artist

"I am delighted with what I've learned. Maria is well organized, very clear, and very thorough in her presentation. The emphasis is on clarity of concept, efficiency of work time and file space, and non-destructive editing techniques. It's non stop and packed with info, and the information is so well organized, I really got the big picture."

Roy Pertchik, photographer

"Absolutely LOVED the class. I was a bit afraid coming from no Photoshop experience, but your instruction was clear, detailed and very easy to follow."

Binta Jalloh, producer's assistant

"I am very impressed overall. Cannot praise highly enough!" Richard Fox, photo editor

"Thanks for the great class. I found that I learned so much. I tell people that Photoshop is like chess, it takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master. With excellent instruction like yours I have to rethink the lifetime part. Thanks again, and you can quote me on that." Dan Morgan, photographer

"I learned so much from you that it would be unforgivably selfish for me to keep your class a secret!" Alexandra Rowley, photographer

and soooo many more!